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J18 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Headset

J18 TWS Bluetooth Wireless Headset

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J18 Bluetooth Earphones


  • ①Dear customers and friends, welcome to our shop. This product (J18) is very popular all over the world. This is our new high-end portable dual stereo headset. 4 colors are available, beautiful and fashionable appearance, delicate touch, absolutely in line with your temperament. And the product quality is stable, using AliExpress high-quality logistics channels for delivery, customers are guaranteed. You can buy with confidence. We will ship the goods as soon as we receive the order. Thanks again
  • ②Sound features: low bass, clear mid-frequency, treble, dual vivid ring sound unit + crossover brings high-quality sound experience  
  • ③Material characteristics: frosted material, delicate touch. feels wonderful
  • ④Open the charging chamber cover to connect and automatically pair. Especially suitable for outdoor, game without delay, you can also change the Bluetooth name to set a personalized headset name
  • ⑤Endurance time: When used with the charging bay, the endurance time is up to 50 hours, the earphone listening time is 5 hours, and the charging time is 1 hour. After fully charged, the charging compartment can be charged 10 times
  • ⑥ The connection speed of the newly upgraded Bluetooth chip is 65MS, which is 3 times that of traditional Bluetooth. There is no delay in listening to songs in the game, the sound quality is synchronized, and the sound is clear.
  • ⑦High-quality graphene diaphragm, pure copper core, metal moving coil group. High-quality production materials. It can effectively prevent sound leakage and poor connection, and the sound-absorbing technology will immerse you in the world of music
  • ⑧Touch your fingertips, touch on demand, multi-function touch buttons, easy to use and stylish, you can also call mobile phone voice assistants. Fully compatible with devices that support Bluetooth. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Product parameter:

  • ①Smart touch, support pop-up window
  • ②Play time: 3 hours
  • ③Product function: automatic switching function between master and slave earphone, call function, music playback
  • ④Material technology: ABS environmental protection material
  • ⑤Socket type: Lightning charging port
  • ⑥Power supply mode: built-in lithium battery / Lightning chargingport
  • ⑦Regular color: 4 colors are available
  • ⑧Product net weight: 40g bare metal with 107g packaging
  • ⑨Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • ⑩Play format: A2DP/ AVRCP/HFP/HSP

stab specifications: composite membrane 13mm
Distortion rate: THD<1%
Bluetooth distance: effective transmission distance≥15M
Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHz
Sensitivity: 107 B SPL+/-3dB
Charging parameters: earphone: 5V40mA charging stand: 5V330mA
Battery capacity: earphone: 30mAh charging stand: 250mAh with protection


  • Packing box*1
  • Headphone*2
  • Smart charging box*1
  • Manual *1
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