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NBY 18 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

NBY 18 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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NBY 18 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


  • 1.Bluetooth Version:V5.0
  • 2.Transmissio Distance:33 feets range
  • 3.Frequency Response Range :85hz~20KHz
  • 4.sigani-to-noise ratio:84db or higher
  • 5.Sensitivity:80db+2db
  • 6.Size:190mm*55mm*60m

FM Radio Mode

  • 1.Press mode switch button into FM morde
  • 2.When in FM mode,first short press to auto search FM channel,short press again to stop searching the radio station .

Note: Plug the charge cable into charging port as FM antenna.

Two Speaekrs Connection Mode
More power, richer stereo, stronger bass

  • 1.Turn on two same model speakers at the same time .
  • 2.Press the mode button of one of the speakers twice to pair, when you hear the prompt sound, or observe that the blue light stays on, the pairing is successful.

Note:The new version black and silver, supports TWS Bluetooth connection, blue and red not support

Package Contents

  • 1* NBY-18 Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1* USB Charging cable
  • 1* 3.5mm Audio cable
  • 1* User manual
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