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Outdoor Portable Wireless Speaker

Outdoor Portable Wireless Speaker

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Product introduction:

1. The appearance is fashionable and trendy, and the hand feels comfortable

Selected graffiti patterns or pure color simple style, all reflect the exquisite and fashionable appearance; the surface is matte treatment, and the hand feels comfortable; the standard lanyard is easy to carry;

2. Bluetooth 5.0 high-definition decoding, fast and stable, transmission distance up to 10M or more

Connection distance: up to 10-30m (barrier-free); Product performance: fast connection, stable sound quality, uninterrupted music/video playback, no freeze; connection method: 5.0 Bluetooth audio decoding, clearer, lower-latency calls, high-definition Decoding, higher fidelity sound quality enjoyment; Humanized and intelligent details: the speaker supports automatic connection to the last connected device, and better human-computer interaction;

3. Multi-device interconnection technology (TWS)

In Bluetooth mode, using two speakers to interconnect, you can form a left and right stereo channel, with louder volume, wider sound field, and better sound quality, just like being on the scene;

4. Enjoy dual-unit sound quality

Speaker configuration: active 40mm sound unit and passive woofer; sound quality description: clear human voice, high frequency penetrating power, low frequency strong and powerful;

5. Large-capacity battery can play continuously for 6-18 hours

Configuration: Built-in 500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery; Low volume state: 18 hours of continuous play time; Normal volume state: 12 hours of continuous play time; High volume state: 6 hours of continuous play time;

6. High-definition Bluetooth hands-free calling

Built-in microphone, integrated noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, allowing you to answer calls at any time. (In Bluetooth mode);

7. Portable card reading mode: Micro SD

Built-in Micro SD card slot, insert the card to play the music in the card; Multi-format support: MP3/WAV and other audio files;

8. Automatic FM FM radio

Built-in FM radio, one-click channel search, free channel change, convenient and fast, listen to the broadcast information at any time.

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