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16W Portable Column Bluetooth Speaker

16W Portable Column Bluetooth Speaker

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Color: Black, Flag, Green, Gray, Colorful, Brown
Model: M17
Bluetooth-compatible: V4.2
Bluetooth-compatible distance: 10m
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Signal to noise ratio: 80dB
Audio input: AUX, USB, TF card, Bluetooth-compatible
Power: USB Charge
Output power: 5W*3=15W
 ( 2 tweeters(middle) + 1 subwoofer(left side) + 1 diaphragm(right side))
Output power(Peak): 16W
360 ° surround sound, sound quality without noise
Support wired microphone insertion, connect the microphone at any time to sing, Bluetooth-compatible
4.2, distance up to 10m, can be connected to mobile phones, tablet, computer ,listen to popular music radio, easy operation
Battery capacity, 1500mAh, 6 hours of new love for continuous playback, endurance and strong

Package Included:
1 * Speaker
1 * USB Cable
1 * Manual
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