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USB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set

USB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set

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USB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set Mechanical Keyboard Breathable Light Mouse 3D Surround Headset 5in1 Gamer Set for Gamer

  • Type: 5in1 game set Connection with computer: keyboard wired, mouse wired
  • Keyboard interface: USB
  • Mouse interface: USB
  • Working method: photoelectric
  • Photoelectric resolution: 1800dpi
  • Whether to support plug and play: support
  • Whether there are multimedia function keys: wired
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support
  • Features: Support backlight
  • Applicable objects: notebook, home, game, office, home office gaming notebook
  • Line length: 1.5 (meters)
  • Product size: 46.5*15*19
  • Product weight: 1890g


  • 1. A complete set, ready to play, ready to play, new to the game, engineering appearance design, mechanical feel, 6-speed DPI adjustable, microphone noise reduction, braided wire, RGB lighting
  • 2. Visual feast, luminous phantom lighting effect, RGB streamer multi-color breathing lighting effect, playing games is more exciting
  • 3. Extraordinary, accurate hearing and debate
  • 4. Telescopic head beam, soft decompression, mechanical feel, floating keycap, non-slip woven, natural rubber sole
  • 5. Headphone stand, place the top of the stand when the headset is not in use, reasonably placed and easy to use
A Complete Set

Ready For New Life For The Game

  • Engineering appearance desig-trendy and practical
  • Mechanical feel -precise and smooth operation
  • 6-speed DPI adjustable-optical sensor
  • Microphone noise reduction-enhanced call sound
  • Braided wire-wear-resistant
  • RGB lighting-cool magic lighting effect
Visual Feast Luminous Phantom Lighting Effect
  • RGB streamer multi-color breathing light effect makes you play games with more sense
Telescopic Head Beam Soft Decompression
  • Decompression and anti-pressure suspension head beam, no discomfort after wearing for a long time
Mechanical FeelSuspension Keycap
  • The keyboard is light and stress-free, and the rebound speed is fast Strong mechanical feel, combined with concave keycaps, better feel
  • Game atmosphere lights,showing different charms
Amazing sound quality precise positioning
  • Enhance environment auditory effectprecise positioning sound from any qngle
Adjustable RGB lighting effect
  • Though key Fn, light speed/luminance can be convenient custom
6 freely switched DPI
  • 1200-3600 adjustable DPI,Gaming optical sensor
  • 1200dpi/1800dpi/2400dpi /3600dpi
Headset stand
  • Put headset on the top of the standreasonable layout, convenient to use
Non-slip wovennatural rubber sole
  • Thick rubber, even if the mouse is slidviolently, it is still stably fixed on the desktop

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